5 Weeks - FWB, aches pains, and golf ache

April 5, 2015 at 8:33 pm | In Uncategorized |

Heading into 6 week follow up next week. Have dropped the crutches fully and using a cane outside the house for stability on uneven surfaces. Really sensing forward momentum - nice connection and calf flexing. PT is ongoing,now in the fighting phase with insurance company to extend sessions. Have made executive decision to carry the full freight if they cut me off, it’s too important and effective with the right therapist. Last session was interesting - new task to simply lift my heel - mechanically couldn’t do it at first. Feels like ice breaking around the joints, but once established it improved. Introduced Therabands as well, so I have some new homework to get after.

the plan is to lose the boot after this week’s appointment. I’m apprehensive about that prospect, but also excited to see the progress. Doc indicated swimming was on the table at this point, which will be huge step. Fingers’ crossed on that one.

aches and pains in the heel/ankle of my ATR leg have increased as direct usage has been upped. Took the family to the Botanical Gardens in the Bronx yesterday and ended up embedded in my phone on a bench due to over estimating my stamina. Humbling. Great dinner around the corner on Arthur Avenue softened the pain.

surgical tape is falling off now, incisions and scar are really tidy and no complications. Very fortunate that it seems my surgeon knew his way around a needle and thread.

Our golf course opened today, coincident with a big Easter brunch. It is tough to know the place is off limits for months and receive the sympathies of your friends (over and over…). And he awful puns, enough!

so nothing really impactful - just steady improvement - just wanted to contribute that no drama is no bad thing.


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  1. Sounds like you are continuing to do well. I have my 6 week appt. next week as well. I am PWB but can also now get around FWB in my home but using the crutch outside or if I get tired. I only start PT on Friday but fortunately I get 30 visits per calendar year so hopefully that will get me thru the full recovery. I leave for St. Martin on 4/18 so not sure what I can and can’t do but guess I will find out after dr. visits this week. Hoping for chipping and putting in a few months, but we will see.

    Comment by LindaF — April 5, 2015 #

  2. Hi Brombones, thanks for the update :), I am Also following your story, Since i dont have any good info with my OS (Public Hospital). I am now 18 days post op and PWB on Walker boot. I don’t have any pain with minimal swelling on the ankle so i think i need to make a decision instead of waiting on my 4 week post op. Cheers!

    Comment by glenskieus — April 5, 2015 #

  3. Good job man. I hope to be where you are at in a week or so. Today was 6 weeks and a day since my surgry and my first day trying some PWB in my boot. Very interesting to say the least not sure if I like this one bit! haha

    Comment by gdubz — April 5, 2015 #

  4. Hey there, thanks for the post on your progress…I’m very happy for you.

    You said: “new task to simply lift my heel - ” I’m assuming this was while you were seated? To check your ROM? Just wanted to clarify so others don’t think trying heel lifts at 5 weeks is prudent…Big smile.

    You also said: “the plan is to lose the boot after this week’s appointment. I’m apprehensive about that prospect, but also excited to see the progress.” Most protocols are set up in ranges such as week 6-8 wean off boot…if you’re ready great, if not just give it more time…whether walking in two shoes at 6 weeks or 10 weeks (average is 9 weeks, 6 days on marathon tracker) we all end up pretty much in the same place between 6 months and a year. Best of luck on your good progress!

    Comment by donna — April 6, 2015 #

  5. Soooooo I’m on week 5 non-op and I’ve done calf raises while leaning most of my weight on a counter top. Everything feels weak but the calf is moving a bit and i think im getting strong every day. I went to a party without my boot last Saturday and my foot was a bit swollen in the morning. I am icing my foot with an achilles rap 4 or 5 times a day and that really gets swelling down quick. I’m probably pushing it too fast but it feels pretty good. I’m walking with a very noticeable limp when i dont have the boot on.

    Comment by Jack Proctor — April 6, 2015 #

  6. Jack I’d say you are taking unnecessary risks simply from the standpoints of what we know about tendon healing as well as the pro’s and cons of concentric and eccentric movements (calf raises vs calf drops), but that’s just me…can you say re-rupture? Sometimes I really get why lots of docs want to keep people in casts until week 12. To protect them from themselves.

    Comment by donna — April 6, 2015 #

  7. Donna, good catch - simply seated heel exercises. I tend to arch my foot to achieve it but the pt is casual about it - she says don’t force anything etc just try to achieve some semblance of motion. It’s already easier and more free.

    6 week appt tomorrow, so will no more then.

    I’d certainly think twice about pushing anything ala shedding boot at 5 weeks. Slow and recurring application of conservative tasks per the PT/Dr, coupled with a lot of icing, is my way forward.

    Comment by brombones — April 9, 2015 #

  8. Bombones- I found the seated heel raises great in so many ways. After being in a cast we lose a lot of proprioception so raising and lowering the heels with your eyes closed is good to do. As you progress you can cross your good leg over the injured leg and do seated heel raises single leg. The other thing that you may want to be aware of is that you are actively trying to use the calf muscle rather than the foot to do the lifting. The description of feeling like you had ice breaking in your joint is familiar and it was’t until I really worked hard on firing the calf up that it went away.

    Jack- you have little to gain and so much to lose pushing a non-op recovery that fast. I wish you well and hope that luck is on your side. For others who come along and read your post I offer a huge caution not to follow anything but a proven protocol and its timeline.

    Comment by herewegoagain — April 10, 2015 #

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