4 weeks - weaning off crutches

March 28, 2015 at 10:07 am | In Uncategorized |

4 weeks post op and now moving around the house FWB mostly, with a cane or single crutch on stairs/outside. Feels good and improved mobility but more random aches and pains, especially on the base of my heel. PT assigned rolling foot on a tennis ball (oh the irony of that) to manage. It does relieve the pains without preventing it from coming back.

Ive had a couple instances of almost tripping over door jams, balance issues on stairs, etc. really need to maintain discipline and take things slowly. A couple tugs here and there always throw that fear that you’ve reinjured, despite the low odds in the boot.

i think importantly getting a little looser movement in the ankle and some sensations that my calf muscle is still there once in a while.

the best part of this transition is that I’ve become somewhat useful around the house again. Cooking for kids and tidying up all the nests of convenience I’d established while really laid up. Relieving some of the natural tension that had been building around my convolenscence. ¬†Might come out of this ordeal still married after all!

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  1. YAY! Nice write up…you have a nice sense of humor….I used a tennis ball until someone on this site recommended Rolling my foot on frozen water bottle, which I tried and it felt much better to me. That fat pad on the bottom heel of your foot will come back when you are in two shoes for a while…until then it really can be uncomfortable. At 20 weeks I can now walk barefoot on the tiled areas in my house without pain but it’s still noticeable on the heel…so it does go away eventually, I think mine started to go away around 15 weeks or so.

    Comment by donna — March 28, 2015 #

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