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Greetings fellow travelers …

I incurred a fill tear of my left achilles playing tennis. Planted for a backhand, same motion I’d completed thousands of times and WHACK!  One time too many. Strangely little pain, just the firm sense that something was really wrong. Got myself to the Dr for quick look and the the ortho the next day. Surgery to repair 3 days later. Never really a debate that surgery was the right route for my situation.

Surgery was routine and successful. In at 10, home by 4. Nerve block wore off at 5 am the next day and that’s when the games began. Kept on the pain meds for 4 days. In a splint, NWB for two weeks. First time ever on crutches, that was a drag and still is.

During first follow up (14d), all looked good and stitches came out. Very clean incision and healing looks fine. So far, so good. Switched to air cast, PWB. Great to back in the shower, etc. Dr has me sleeping w/o the boot, so he is quite permissive. None of the random pain or pins/needles that so many here describe … Yet! Plan is 2 weeks pwb in boot, then fwb with boot for 2 weeks.

I started PT this week as well. Just light massage, 10 minutes on bike with boot on, leg lifts, toe curls, etc. very low key but nice to begin the process and feel like moving beyond pure couch time. 2x/week for the time being. She gave me some homework as well to structure my activities. Shocked to be on bike so quickly.

the leg is already demonstrating atrophy, which has me spooked.  I’m quite paranoid about any aches and pains in my right tendon. Irrationally so, but up stairs etc worries me. I did purchase the evenup cleat to improve my bio mechanics, which has helped. Highly recommended device for 25$ on Amazon.

My goal is for a fully successful recovery, but also to see the golf course during this season up here in the northeast. My PT is tamping down expectations for a rapid return to the links, but I’m holding out hope!

More later, and look forward to continuing to rely upon our collective experiences to move this process along.



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  1. Impressive! Goodluck on your recovery Tom.. :)

    Comment by glenskieus — March 21, 2015 #

  2. Hello there. We are both at the 3 week post surgery mark. My protocol seems a little less aggressive. I will start PWB next week. The bottom part of my incision seems a bit irritated by boot and my dr. Is making me sleep in the boot, though I took it off in the middle of the night because it was causing me some discomfort. I will be staring pt week 6. I am also a golfer so am hoping I can play this season. I will ask pt what he thinks about time to return to golf when I see him on 4/10. I am in northeast in NJ. I am left handed and injured my left achilles so that is my push off foot for golf. How about you? Sounds like you are doing well.

    Comment by LindaF — March 22, 2015 #

  3. Hey there, thanks for sharing your story. You said: “My PT is tamping down expectations for a rapid return to the links, but I’m holding out hope!”

    I think hope is great, set your goal with the realistic expectation that you may not reach it…If you do WONDERFUL!…and if you don’t then focus on what you can do at that point. I’ve found with this injury having a big picture goal is great, however, it seems to me the weekly progress is really where it’s it. I look back on each phase and marvel at how fast it all happens and at the time how very very SLOW it seemed as I lived it.

    Best of luck to you in your recovery!

    Comment by donna — March 22, 2015 #

  4. Thanks. Staying realistic seems sooooo important…

    I’m a righty golfer, so the ATR is my front post up leg. Not sure if there is a “better” side to have go on you. Lack of symmetrical balance can inject major swing flaws in even the finest motion.

    I play across the river in Westchester. Right now just hope to be doing a little chipping and putting in a couple months. Some of these anecdotes about playing 2-3 months after injury seem so unrealistic or at least extremely risky. I’ve got a friends trip in May that I host but I’m planning on just tooling around in a cart and observing/teasing this year! I’ll probably have as much fun as usual…

    Comment by brombones — March 22, 2015 #

  5. Thanks for your story. Mine is almost the same. I’m a golfer and tennis player. I ruptured my Achilles playing tennis on February 19 and had the surgery on February 23. I’m now four weeks in recovery and coming along well… Partial weight-bearing in a boot with crutches. I’m scheduled to begin PT around week six. I’m actually hoping that once I get into shoes on week eight or nine I might be able to start putting and chipping. Maybe I’m being optimistic but we will see.

    Comment by scooterman — March 23, 2015 #

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