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December 2012


I find it funny that I now live my life in weeks. Probably the only other group of people to do so, are expecting mothers. I’m happy to announce that I’ve made it through my first tri-semester of ATR recovery. I mentioned in earlier posts that my physical therapist was “more talk less walk” than [...]

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Some Balance

I’m now at 11 weeks and I feel this past week is the first time I’ve experienced some minor setbacks. I think to many Christmas parties and not enough therapy is to blame. Standing and socializing at Paul’s company Christmas party for just a few hours wiped me out last weekend. I’ve also been doing [...]

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10 Weeks Non-op, the Urine Pool is My Friend

I haven’t been posting much these days mostly because I’m recovering nicely and I have nothing out of the ordinary to report. I think my blog was much more entertaining when I was a pathetic ‘bride to be’ struggling to get through a wedding and life in general. But I remind myself that sharing my [...]

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21 weeks. 1 leg. 10 times.

At 21 weeks to the day, I was able to do a single leg calf raises. It was five days later than my PT had predicted. It’s been a huge mental gain for me as I didn’t think it would ever happen. All the other milestones just came naturally without much thought: I just stopped [...]


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