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November 2012

Next Boot, a Ski Boot? Eight Weeks Non-op.

I had my eight week non-operative check up yesterday and left crying. Yes, I’m being dramatic for effect. I was so happy with my appointment, I had a little cry while I waited for my ride. Funny, I didn’t shed a tear at the hospital when the rupture happened.
Everything looks really good and Dr Duffy [...]

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In Memoriam - Scoots

This weekend I asked Paul to return my knee scooter to the medical rental shop. She hasn’t been used much since our wedding four weeks ago. In fact, after the wedding Scoots just became an expensive coffee cup caddy between the kitchen and my home office.  For the most part I tried to use my [...]

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7 Weeks Non-op, Everyday I’m Shufflin’

It seems once I ditched the crutches, ditching the boot didn’t take long. I’ve been walking around the house boot free for the past three days. It feels good and weird walking on two feet. I always have that stupid song in my head - “Everyday I’m shufflin” by LMFAO.
I haven’t been blogging much - [...]

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Broken Bride on the Mend - Six Weeks Non-op

Six weeks post injury is a bit of a milestone for me. My ATR was three weeks before the wedding and I’m now three weeks past the wedding. Six is also the number of weeks I recall the ER doc telling me it would take to heel. It seems these doctors know what they are [...]

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Oh ya, some Achilles blog stuff

I figured I should start sharing some actual Achilles recovery info instead of just personal babbling. For you readers who haven’t suffered an ATR, hit fast forward. Achilles, blah, bla h, blah, rupture, blah, blah, blah.
Thursday, September 27th
Ruptured my Achilles - went to emergency and was put in a cast
asked about surgery and [...]

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Hindsight. And The Irony Of It All.

A few years ago I went to see U2 in Dublin. My friend Heather and I had floor tickets for back to back nights. Each night meant standing in the same square foot spot for five hours (some one should have called Amnesty International) plus walking to and from Croke Park. The seven hours each [...]

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I’m very lucky to have lots of good friends. They’re smart, talented, funny and have been very supportive during my ATR recovery. An hour ago my friend Leah dropped off some spikes for the bottom of my shoe and cast. She uses these little spikes for running in the winter and thought they would help [...]

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Achilles Tendon Rupture Recovery Video Blog

Found a video blog yesterday from Brady Browne of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. He’s quite entertaining and extremely positive. For most of us, an ATR is a blip in our lives and hopefully we can resume normal life after a few months. For Brady it could affect his career and livelihood, but he remains optimistic.
As [...]

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Red Deer Chinese Buffet (Red Deer the city, not the meat)

I wrote this weeks ago but didn’t get around to posting it. Funny how much better life is not being in a fibreglass cast.
Paul and I headed up to Edmonton to visit his family for Thanksgiving. We stopped in Red Deer to visit Father Don and go over some last minute wedding stuff. Afterwards [...]

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21 weeks. 1 leg. 10 times.

At 21 weeks to the day, I was able to do a single leg calf raises. It was five days later than my PT had predicted. It’s been a huge mental gain for me as I didn’t think it would ever happen. All the other milestones just came naturally without much thought: I just stopped [...]


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