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October 2012

The Cast Clinic

I’m not sure how most Orthopedic Surgeons work, but in Calgary you have to visit a Cast Clinic at one of the three hospitals. It’s actually a very efficient system. The clinic is a large area with a series of little rooms just big enough for an observation table. There’s several Ortho Techs that go [...]

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Embracing the Rupture

A couple days after the rupture we explored the idea of postponing the wedding for a few weeks. But with Holiday season coming, several of our wedding suppliers were already booked for Christmas parties. So we had no choice but to move forward and somehow embrace the Achilles rupture as [...]

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Goin’ to the Chapel…

I made it. I made it down the aisle. When I got to the altar Father Don smiled and said, “you made it”.
I’ve adapted to walking on crutches quite well and getting around is more of a nuisance than anything. But wearing a long wedding dress, complete with train, and one high [...]

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Wedding Day Thoughts

One of the less than fun aspects of life in a cast is trying to bathe. For the past three weeks I’ve pretty much just bathed quickly while holding my injured leg in the air. Today being my wedding day, I decided to pamper myself. That’s right, this bride pampered herself to a garbage bag [...]

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The Bridal Centre

Walking into a bridal centre wearing a cast and holding crutches is like walking into a high school prom wearing an old school hockey mask while swinging a chain saw. I was the portrait of every bride’s worst nightmare. Sheer horror blanketed the faces of the other brides and their entourages. Women went out their [...]

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Better Marriage

On Friday the doorbell rang and it was a package delivery. I wondered if it was my new German Engineered Achilles VacoCast or the iWalk Free Armless Crutch Alternative. Yes, I’ve been spending a small fortune on these medical aids - not to mention the The DV8 Steerable Knee Scooter I rented for a [...]

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The Bride Possessed

This afternoon I had my second ortho appointment and I was determined to get into a boot. I tried a 2″ heel lift in the boot then chickened out. With the wedding this weekend I just didn’t feel safe in it. I know myself to well. I know I’ll drink, I know I’ll try to [...]

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The Emergency Room

I arrived at the ER and went through the usual triage and was sent to the non-urgent side to wait my turn. Directly across from me sat an elderly lady who suffered from a cut to her face. The gauze she held to her bloody cheek was completely soaked. All I could think was “she [...]

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The Botox Doctor Breaks the News

Not realizing just how serious my injury was, I left the gym with my ice pack and tensor bandage and headed to a spa appointment. I arrived an hour early because I just wanted to sit and ice my ankle in the lobby. A nurse came out to take a look and suggested I lay [...]

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Yes, my first entry in my first ever blog is titled Fuck. I recall saying fuck at least 50 times after rupturing my achilles tendon. I was working out with my personal trainer and we were about 5 minutes away from cooling down and stretching. It was September 27, three weeks before my wedding day [...]

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Most Recent Post

21 weeks. 1 leg. 10 times.

At 21 weeks to the day, I was able to do a single leg calf raises. It was five days later than my PT had predicted. It’s been a huge mental gain for me as I didn’t think it would ever happen. All the other milestones just came naturally without much thought: I just stopped [...]


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