No More Moon Boot!!!

It’s been three weeks since the last time I saw the doctor and thanks to the physio exercises I can now walk almost normally now. I can finally walk outside without the boot! What’s interesting is that I found the transitioning to walking much easier this time compared to the first time when I got [...]

Let the Therapy Begin

Had my scheduled appointment with my doctor the other day. Everything seems to be on track, I can now walk around the house without wearing the boot (still have to wear it outside), all heel lifts are gone, and apparently I should be able to ditch the boot all together in about 2-3 weeks.
I won’t [...]

Update - Phase 2

Went back to the hospital for my scheduled appointment. The doctor says I’m coming along fine. They decreased the height of the wedge in my walking boot by half, so its a little less awkward to “walk”. I started doing FWB with my walking boot at about 4 weeks (i.e. last week) and will continue [...]

New Doctor, New Protocol, New Mindset

After I re-ruptured my my Achilles I ended up waiting in the ER for SIX hours before I was told I had an appointment at the fracture clinic the next day and the ER doctor didn’t even take a look at me! I mean come on. I know the hospital I went to deals with a lot [...]

Physio, Re-rupture, and the Worst Summer of My Life

So as I stated earlier my doctor prescribed “gentle ROM - dorsiflexion and calf strengthening”.  The physio I went to had me do stretches with one of those elastic bands for a while, very light leg presses (only at the clinic) with my right leg spotting, and of course he stretched the tendon out. Everything [...]

My Intial ATR and Healing Protocol

Hi Everyone,
I never actually blogged before so forgive me for any deviations from blogging protocol if there is such a thing.  Anyways I had my intial ATR back in May of this year. It was during rugby training while we were doing some sprints/suicides for conditioning. I already completed 3 or 4 sets so I [...]