No More Moon Boot!!!

It’s been three weeks since the last time I saw the doctor and thanks to the physio exercises I can now walk almost normally now. I can finally walk outside without the boot! What’s interesting is that I found the transitioning to walking much easier this time compared to the first time when I got out of a hard cast. The leg in general is feeling stronger. My goal is to be back in top shape for the summer rugby season and I believe I am well on my way to accomplish it.

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  1. Sounds like you’re getting toward the light at the end of a long tunnel, Brock. You deserve a break, after what you’ve been through!

    The “13 wks 3 days Post-OP” I’m reading on your ATR Timeline today is the time since your SECOND immobilization, after your re-rupture, right?

    I hope the rest of your rehab goes smoothly, without too much of the “frustrating plateau” that so many of us experience!

  2. Norm,

    That is correct, my timeline starts after my re-rupture. If I were to include the first injury, it would probably be around 24 weeks.

    I’ve certainly gotten further than I did the first time which is a big milestone for me. Rehab is going well, I am walking faster everyday, gaining strength back in my leg, and increasing ROM.

  3. Brock, wow you are the first similar retear to me. I did mine in June at 13 weeks post op. I’m 5.5 mo now into recovery and seem to be doing OK. w\o surgery the second time. I thought I was the only one to do OP then Non-OP back to back. Mine to was a 2 cm gap on MRI, I did 8 wks in the boot w\lifts. I never did physo the second time, my OS just didn’t think I needed it. I did follow the protocal from UWO though. My biggest concern is the stitches that didn’t hold, I wonder what that are doing now? Is it like extra support in the tendon or is it an irritant to haunt me later? Time will tell. Thanks for the blog,I hope you get back to the Rugby in the spring.

  4. Thanks for the support Scott, hope your concerns are put to rest soon.

  5. Hey Brock,

    How are things now? I just reruptured and am going the non surgical rout. Hope all is well!

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