New Doctor, New Protocol, New Mindset

After I re-ruptured my my Achilles I ended up waiting in the ER for SIX hours before I was told I had an appointment at the fracture clinic the next day and the ER doctor didn’t even take a look at me! I mean come on. I know the hospital I went to deals with a lot [...]

Physio, Re-rupture, and the Worst Summer of My Life

So as I stated earlier my doctor prescribed “gentle ROM - dorsiflexion and calf strengthening”.  The physio I went to had me do stretches with one of those elastic bands for a while, very light leg presses (only at the clinic) with my right leg spotting, and of course he stretched the tendon out. Everything [...]

My Intial ATR and Healing Protocol

Hi Everyone,
I never actually blogged before so forgive me for any deviations from blogging protocol if there is such a thing.  Anyways I had my intial ATR back in May of this year. It was during rugby training while we were doing some sprints/suicides for conditioning. I already completed 3 or 4 sets so I [...]