13 week thank you

a lazy new years day brought me back to the achilles blog for the first time in a month+, and i forgot just how much i missed this!  though i was never much for posting - it was the comments here early on that always made me feel better.  helped me realize i wasnt the only person going thru this.  gave me something to look forward to.  even a little nostalgia from time to time reading someone’s state of mind at week x when i was at week x+2…

reading today brought every one of those feelings back….and a realization that i need to check in more!

at a little more than 3 months i’m pretty much physically where i anticipated from docs wisdom.  i went to 2 shoes just after turkey-day, and oh the joy!!!  [dramatic pause]  for a while…  i was so focused on that milestone from day 1, i didnt prepare myself for the painfully slow progress still ahead.  sure, i could drive again [well, right footed - did cheat those last few weeks of boot-dom driving lefty on side streets to run errands], and was free from the boot hassles [on/off, destroying clothes to fit, drying w/ hairdryer after rain walk from bus] - but the return to ‘my life’ didnt happen.  still limped like quasimoto.  still felt insecure [even more so than with boot] and fragile outside the home.  still was isolated socially ['oh you're going hiking - have fun without me', 'it sure is amazing that you golfed for the 2nd time this december [a**hole]‘, ’surprisingly no, i dont feel cool with this cane [jerk]‘]… and obviously a bit bitter!

eventually, a little light shone thru and the state of mind is much healthier, and have come to terms with finding new milestones [more like inch-stones].  still get frustrated from time to time  that my ‘normal life’ is far-away, and that i dont always get noticably stronger each day in pt excercises - but when i look at big picture, i do see see the progress.

anyway, back to my original purpose here. just wanted to thank everyone for posting, and reminding me of the pick-me-up this place can be.  i never imagined the mental process would be as hard as [if not harder than] the physical in this recovery.

i really do wish i never heard of any of you [for all our sakes!!!] - but since fate laughed that wish off - i can only wish each and every achilles plagued soul here a much deserved healing, healthy and happy 2012!!!


  1. mljackson60 Said,

    January 1, 2012 @ 6:41 pm

    Happy New Year. Wishing you progress with recovery, and all of us. I am at week 9 and just got into a boot. I didn’t anticipate the pain in the boot that I didn’t have in the cast. But I am glad to be going forward.

  2. ryanb Said,

    January 2, 2012 @ 12:10 am

    Thanks for posting this Brian. Happy New Year to you too. It’s great to hear that you’re doing better, and figuring out how to cope with the slow pace “post 2 shoes” brings.

    You talk about feeling a little nostalgic reading posts from folks a bit behind you… well I’m about a month ahead of you, and reading this sounds familiar in a lot of ways ;-) Trust me when I tell you that things to continue to improve; and your “normal life” will start coming back bit by bit before too long.

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