Posted by: brianinsb | December 13, 2012

6 Weeks Post Op.

I had my 6 week post op Doctors appointment today. NO more cast !!! I now have a walking boot. He told me to start putting weight on it slowly, over the course of the next month as I feel comfortable . This is both exciting and scary for me. I am VERY protective of my Achilles now, Ive read some of the stories of re rupturing it. The last thing I want to do is push it and start all over. I was told as long as I keep the boot on it will be protected, the boot also has no range of motion so my Achilles will is not being used yet. Anyways Ill keep you posted on the progress.


Your AT isn’t being used as long as you’re trusting = using = relying on the rigidity of the boot to transfer the force from the ball of your injured foot to the front of your shin when you boot-walk. Practice walking normally on that booted foot while you’re still on crutches, initially just resting it on the floor NWB and striding/rolling over it while your arms bear all your weight. Even initially, adding 5% or 10% of your weight to that leg should feel OK and be perfectly safe, and you can gradually add weight until you start forgetting where you left the crutches. :-)

The UWO patients and I and many others started doing that transition at TWO weeks post-op (or post-non-op), and lost the crutches soon after FOUR weeks. Don’t try to catch up in a hurry, but don’t dilly-dally either. WB helps retrain your leg to do the jobs it’s got to do, and also helps your healing AT turn back into the strongest tendon in the body. Keep progressing, but incrementally. Keep one eye on while you’re at it.

I just started this process 2.5 weeks ago and was able to go FWB after about 10-12 days. Sometimes it is still sore around my ankle. Also like you my doctor had me NWB for 6 weeks. Your leg will be sensive and weak, but you will see improvement everyday. Happy healing.

Thanks for posting this! I’m a few days behind you and have my 6 week followup on Monday. Am anxious to see how that goes. Are you able to sleep without the boot now? Are you having physical therapy?

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