Posted by: brianinsb | November 14, 2012

Day 12

I had my first post op Doctors appointment yesterday. I got the splint and ace bandages that had been on since surgery 12 days ago removed. He took a look at it, moved it a little and said looks good. He said he was pleased with how well he was able to reattach the tendon. I am sill NWB and have a fiberglass cast, Next office visit is in 4 weeks.


Best of luck mate. I am at week 20, but I do remember the stage you are currently at quite well. Although it can get frustrating during that period, knowing that the protective cast is doing the job calms the nerves. Do be weary of stairs at take your time moving around. Believe me, the next 4 weeks will fly by and hopefully you will be in the Boot soon enough which will be another milestone. So keep plugging away week by week (do not be put off with the sight off bruising and swelling during your cast transition - this is perfectly normal).

Sounds like a schedule that was very similar to mine. If that stays true, the walking boot is next up at your next appointment.

Dirk, Thanks for the encouragement. At week 20 where are you with your healing? Walking, Bike riding, any thing like that yet?

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Crutches, How far out from surgery are you? What activities can you do?

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Brianinsb, did the count back at my latest physio session and realised I am actually week 22. Time certainly flys. This past week, in the first time a walked truely normal. Meaning zero limp, zero pain, normal pace and actually not thinking about my stride or anything else achilles related. As for activities, upper body weight training 4 times a week (which has been great as I lost 7 kilos during my recovery, so I am gradually putting healthy weight back on with nutrition improvements and hitting the gym again). Will hit the stationary bike and pool this week for the first time (its Summer in Australia at the moment). Truthfully, I am in no rush with my recovery, I do what my physio advises me, nothing more and certainly nothing less. Each to their own. I am 29 years old, no kids so my circumstances could be different to yours, nonetheless, all the best and keep us posted on your recovery mate.

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