Posted by: brianinsb | November 6, 2012

Update Day 4 after surgery

well this is the 4th full day after surgery. First day was painful even with taking the Vicodin every 4 hours. Day 2 was spent being really sick from the Vicodin. After talking to the Doctor I switched to Ibuprofen. Day 3 has been the best so far. No pain and not sick. I probably did a little too much on this day. I went into the office intending to go only for a couple of hours. ended up spending most of the day there, with my foot on my desk. was very tired last night. Today day 4  No pain or nausea I went out in the morning for a little while, home with foot elevated for 3-4 hours, then back out again for a couple of hours. I have a low grade fever today 99.8 F  not really sure if Ive had it or it just started, so I’m keeping an eye on that. My surgeon gave me a prescription for antibiotics that i have been taking. Has anybody else experienced a low grade fever 4 days after surgery?


No fever, but. . . I’ve read that NSAIDs (like ibu) are generally negative for tendon healing. Not totally “contraindicated”, but best avoided, as I recall. Search for it, see what you find, and think. . .

I’ve read the same thing as Norm an at the very least would try to avoid the NSAIDs during the beginning of the healing process. Maybe you can take a lower dose of pain medication or another type.

Keep an eye on that temp…if it continues see a doc. My physio said NSAIDs are contra indicative and to not take them.

Listen to Sheena, because temp could mean infection. Just be on top of it, pay close attention, and let your surgeon know what’s going on. Hope your recovery goes well.

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