From Crutches to FWB

This past Friday, I made the move.  Doc said as soon I felt comfortable/confident, I can limp around without crutches, while wearing my boot of course. I’ve got a 1 inch wedge that I will reduce to 1/2 after ten days and then remove entirely after another 10. He did not prescribe any PT yet, but told me a few ROM exercises to work on. I actually feel like I’m recovering now.  As I’m sure you all have experienced, my Achilles feels much thicker.

While NWB I was reduced to taking baths instead of showers.  Now, I’ve never minded the occasional soak, but with the cast, bathing was quite the chore.  I would plop down and run just enough water to get  the job done and get out - I didn’t have the mindset to relax. But with the naked leg, I took a nice long, hot, deep, bubble bath - the bath my 2yo can only dream of. I finally relaxed. Life is good - plus now I can use the shower.

Mobility is awesome!! I get a little worn out - actually just my heals do, but I feel like I have my life back.  Granted I’m not back out playing sports or anything, but I can walk around the house and help out much much more. I go back to the Dr. in  a couple weeks. Looking forward to the next milestone.

4 Responses to “From Crutches to FWB”

  1. Congratulations on achieving FWB status! Life is much better FWB, that’s for sure! I’d recommend pushing for PT to start soon, and consider that PTs often schedule their appointments out several weeks. So, if your OS wants you to start PT in a few weeks, you should start scheduling your appointments now. I’ve found OSs often aren’t cognizant of these scheduling details and, therefore, don’t give you any lead time–which can then be frustrating as a patient because your PT start date gets delayed. -David

  2. Congrats. Surprised you didn’t get any pt scheduled. I would think if dic feels comfortable with you not using crutches, hhe would get you on to pt.

  3. It is a FANTASTIC feeling going ‘crutch free’ and FWB….. Well done, it gets easier every day!

  4. I can’t wait to ditch the crutches - congrats!

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