Feeling more normal all the time.. except for this boot and swelling

I go back the surgeon in two days - that will be my 2-month follow-up.  I removed the final wedge from the boot this weekend and definitely could feel the difference.  The next morning was the sorest I’ve been since walking.  I’m pretty acclimated to walking in the boot now and can keep pace most of the time.  Toward the end of the day I definitely have to slow down and give my heal a break - it takes a pounding.

I have not started PT, but am planning on the prescription at my next DR visit.  I do some quad and hammy stuff and some simple ROM. My surgery foot/lower leg has stayed slightly puffy - I wouldn’t say truly swollen - the whole time I’ve been in the boot.  I’d probably do myself a huge favor to (r)ice it down in the evenings. Rarely do I find I’m uncomfortable, but on a few occasions I’ve reached for the Motrin and it has worked fine. My poor tiny calf is ready to start the climb back to former status. And my swollen belly is ready to return to less-swollen.  I’ve gained about ten lbs in the last 9 wks - all in places that make my pants not fit. Let’s bring on some PT!

3 Responses to “Feeling more normal all the time.. except for this boot and swelling”

  1. What took so long in not starting your pt sooner?

  2. Hey brian, I’m at about 8 weeks post op. I have found that soaking my ankle every night in warm water with salt followed by rom exercises, then ice has made a huge difference at this point. Swelling seems to be decreasing by the day. I felt the same way about pt, it was almost like Christmas. Good luck!

  3. Keep it elevated! I was right where you are a couple weeks ago. You’ll see a lot of progress once you start pt.

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