6 Week Post-OP appointment

Went to my 6 week post-op yesterday, was greeted by a look of wtf, when the PA came into my room and looked around for my crutches and didn’t see any. He then asked where they were, and I told him that I was moving along a little ahead of the schedule given to me by the doctor. He asked how long I’d been
FWB, and I told him I started FWB about 2 weeks ago. He seemed shocked, then almost stand-offish about me talking to him about the protocol I was following. Then told me that they don’t always approve people to walk FWB in the boot at 6 weeks, but he was going to approve me since I was having no issues with it. I then asked him about the wedges in the boot, and he said that physical therapy would decide when I remove them, and when I asked physical therapy, they said it was based on the doctors protocol. So once again, glad that everyone in this office is so clear on what the “protocol” is. Then the PA told me that my protocol is on the aggressive side of things in the Achilles recovery world. Kind of made me laugh a little. He then scheduled me another appointment for 4-21-14, and told me to bring shoes to that appointment. If I ride with his protocol, I’ll be in shoes by the 11 week post-op mark. Glad that his physical therapy starts stepping it up a little, or I would quit attending, and take physical therapy into my own hands, and avoid the 20.00 co pay I get hit with every time.

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  1. normofthenorth on March 18th, 2014

    Tee hee! Now just make sure you Watch Your Step, or they’ll use you as a negative example!

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