One month mark after surgery…..

So, as I talked about earlier my Doc had me slated for being in the boot NWB until March 16th, after having surgery on Feb 4th. After looking around and talking to some of the other ATR victims on here, I decided to speed up my recovery. On 2-23, I started some PWB, and was still using crutches for the most part. After feeling more comfortable with the process, I ditched the crutches on 3-1, and am getting around without any crutches. Only bad part to this whole scenario is that my physical therapist refuses to budge of the original protocol that the doctor sent over, so I’m basically doing more aggressive stretching and exercises on my own. Today marked my 3rd week of seeing the physical therapist, and now I will start going twice a week. I’m using bands at home for resistance for some of the ROM exercises, and then not using any at therapy. Frustrating, but I’m happy to be crutch less at the moment, and other then the soreness on the sides of my calves from putting weight on the leg. My therapist did say that next week I will begin with some more "aggressive" PT, and told me that I would be a little more interested with what we are scheduled to do. Frustrating. From what I’ve seen from several studies, staying in a boot for as long as I was going to be asked to do so seems very dated. Oh well. Here’s a pic of my incision at the one month after surgery mark.

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  1. fuegalicious on March 7th, 2014

    Aw! The photo doesn’t load/show in my browser. (Safari) I’m really looking forward to seeing how big/small my incision is.

  2. brian2332 on March 7th, 2014

    I think I got it to finally load!

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