One month anniversary of ATR

My story begins on March 19th, 2016. Like a lot of younger retired snowbirds settling in Mesa, Arizona my husband and I decided to take up tennis. We were enjoying it immensely and we were already planning to practice this summer and come back stronger next year. Well perhaps my husband can follow the great plan but I am thinking of spending more time doing Yoga after I ruptured my achilles playing tennis on March 19th.
It was early in the morning and I hadn’t stretch properly and later learned didn’t have the correct court shoes.
I went for the ball and thought the sole of my shoe had come off. After sitting down on the court I realized my shoe was fine but my foot was not.
After visiting the ER and an ortho surgeon and talking to the insurance company we were flown home one week later.
I opted for the surgical route and was operated on at home 8 days after my injury.
For the first few days after my injury,  I found my back, neck were causing me more pain than my actual leg. The crutches took a beating on my body.
I started using the knee scooter with a basket and it was a lifesaver. Not only was it more body friendly but I could carry my own glass, dish etc. It gives you more freedom. I find it is so difficult to ask for everything beyond your reach.
I had leg cramps a few times and found my calf felt very tight. After reading about possible blood clots I did check with a doctor and was given an ultra sound which was negative. Phew!

Today was my first check up with the surgeon 23 days after surgery. I had a half back slab cast and it was taken off today. I saw the stitches and all was good. I’ll post a picture later.
I was given an option of a cast or an air boot. The cast was free with our government insurance but the air boot and wedges costs about $250. I chose the air boot after reading the blogs. I wanted the freedom of removing it.  The boot is very big and reminds me of the boots worn by Herman Munster.
My advice to date.
Time is your friend. Keep your foot elevated above your heart. Rest.
I think the cramping I experienced was because I didn’t elevate it above my heart. Listen to your body.
If using crutches, a back pack is handy to tote items around.
If you don’t have stairs in your home a knee scooter with a basket really helps.

Also thanks to those of you that have gone before me.  I really learned a lot from your blogs and didn’t feel as lonely in my situation.

Speedy recovery to all.

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