Posted by: brendan | August 5, 2008

5 Month Update

Hey all -

Been keeping up with most folks progress still…just not much to add, as everyone seems to have their necessary support structures and “go-to” people on their site. It’s good to see no recent re-rups…I hope that trend continues. Thanks again for the T-shirt Dennis…the kids are napping upstairs, but afterwards I’ll get it on for a pic.

It’s been a month since the last update. Progress is slow at this point….if I think about where I was last week, I don’t see any improvement. If I think about the 4th of July though (a month ago), I start to see where I’ve come this month. Still bike riding is my primary form of exercise/rehab at this point. My commute is 10 miles roundtrip, and I do this 3-4 times/week with my older daughter in tow. She has moved up from a trailer to a tag-a-long bike, which definitely puts some more torque on my bike as I ride…I think it’s good for the AT. The real fun is having the Burley bike trailer with my 16 month old towed behind the tag along…it’s a real train…around 100 lbs total. I took a 20 mile ride this morning…and really pushed it for the first time. Midway, I was pretty bushed, thought I might lose my breakfast, but powered through it. I got up out of the saddle as well and pushed my recovering leg pretty hard, it felt good.

My limp is hit or miss….pretty typical at this point from the comments of Jim, Dennis, Tom, and Doc. I’ve been doing as much walking as I can with my knees bent and on my toes as possible…it really isolates the gastric and feels pretty good….sure looks like a chimp though! On that same note, my single leg calf raise is pretty weak…but getting better. I can’t even come close with my knee locked and straight, but when it’s bent, I can get the heel of the ground an inch or so. On the double calf raise…I still feel like the tendon is bunching up at the bottom, towards the heel. I’m massaging it regularly, and don’t feel any adhesions. Guess it’s just due to the scar tissue and inflammation still

I’ve tested the running a little…more chasing my kids than anything…and that feels good. I threw the disc a bit last week…and I won’t be playing ultimate any time soon…but it feels great to get around.

Here’s some pics:

Happy Heelin’ All!


brendan -

It’s always nice to read your updates. Looks like you’ve reached a bit of a recovery plateau, which is, from what I’ve seen with the others and myself, normal for 4 months and up.

Looking forward to seeing your T-shirt pictures, and I am glad that your children are making sure that you get some exercise. :)

Btw, I’ve added the navigation banner that links back to the main site. Still need to tweak the themes so that the banner doesn’t obstruct the themes’ design. Was this what you had in mind?

Dennis - i saw the looks perfect. You missed the “e” at the end of “create”…but that is what I was looking for…thanks!

brendan -

Thanks for pointing that out. It’s fixed. Love the pictures! The picture of the “train” of kids that you pull with your bike is very nice! :P

I am sooo jealous about the bike riding. I have a 11 month old who is going to end up walking long before me, and I was hoping to spend some time this summer biking with him and my husband, 13, and 10 year olds. I also had a big ATV party weekend planned at our camp with about 8 other couples that we had to cancel. So be it. I have just started PWB a week ago so I am still a long way off from said activities. Oh well, enjoy your freedom and your little ones.

I’ve added the pictures on the AchillesBloggers’ gallery. Enjoy! ;)

Great Pics,

and, you can go up on your toes!!! Fantastic


Love the kid train! I told my husband last time we were at the bike shop that we should get a “bicycle built for two.” Then if I my leg gets tired you can pedal. “Hell no! I carted your a@@ around for two months in a car, what makes you think I want to continue? And on a bike no less?” The sympathy stopped as soon as I dropped the crutches!!

Needless to say, we still each have our own bikes.

Nice pics, Brendan, and congratulations on your continued healing! Keep us up-to-date on any new milestones.

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