Posted by: brendan | July 1, 2008

4 Months

Hey all…been a few weeks since I checked in. It was a bummer to read about the 2 re-rups…interesting though that both happened above the original repair site.

I had my last ortho appt a week and a half ago….he was very pleased with where I was at. He mentioned that I’ve really taken the time to research and be active in my recovery, and he thinks it’s paid off. I definitely had less limp in my step as I walked out of there….definitely a good feeling!

I’m walking around comfortably, not much limp left at all. At the end of the day, it sometimes returns, but after a good night sleep it’s good to go the next morning. I’ve been commuting (10 miles) to work on the bike daily. I’m getting ready to put the clipless pedals back on. I’m still tire pretty easily…I’m definitely not where I was aerobically before the injury. I plan on really working on endurance over the next 2 months. As a note to bikers, I talked to a guy in a local shop and he recommended shimano pedal/shoe systems as it’s still the only system that allows for tension adjustments. I was asking about egg-beaters or others…but I think I’ll stick with my shimanos for now and loosen them up a bit.

I was just walking down the stairs (in shoes) and got the bottom and realized I wasn’t doing the hop step…so that felt like a milestone too! Barefeet is feeling better and better…although still a limp. I’ve been trying my Chaco sandals from time to time, and those are working too…now I can work on my Chaco tan!

Here’s some pics of the progress…calf is still noticeably smaller, but I’m happy with the definition that is coming back:

I’m still a few weeks away from a single calf raise…but working on it as much as I can remember. I find that really concentrating on getting up on the toes during normal walking has been more helpful than the actual calf raises. I’m sure I could be working it more, but I’m into slow and steady for now.

Here’s a close up of the chicken legs (I mean heels):

I’m happy with the definition and lack of swelling.

Oh..and I just noticed, you can see that picnic table in the background…my 3 1/2 year old daughter and I built that a few weekends ago…my first project since the injury.

Hope this finds everyone in good spirits…it’s a good day to be alive today!




Was wondering where you were….It seems you have been on the bike. Glad to hear you are progressing steadily. I am proud of you biking to work….less gas plus good therapy.
Calves looking better. Hope the famly is well. Keep us up to date on progress.


Doc Ross

Brendan -
It’s amazing how well your scar has healed. You can barely see it! Glad to hear that you’ve been biking every day, and it looks like the stairs are getting easier. Keep up being active, and congrats!

Brendan - Thanks for the update. It’s great to hear your continued progress. Everything looks real good. Keep at it and hopefully the progress continues.

Doc, Dennis, and Tom - thanks for the comments. You 3, along with Johnskier and Jim are the original crew! It’s been a real pleasure to heal alongside y’all!

Doc - the family couldn’t be better. We are getting up to the mtns this weekend for the holiday. My 14 month old took a record number of poops today…figures on daddy’s day with the kids! And my older daughter was getting in her jammies tonight and belts out…”Daddy…sometimes butts are stinky!” I about lost my dinner laughing so hard.

Dennis - I’m very pleased with the scar…the only bummer with it not being very gnarly is that it’s not too exciting to show off :)


Your definition really looks good as does your scar. I am a month behind you but not looking nearly as clean with the scar and tendon.

Great job on your recovery. When I show my scar I still get the “ouch that must have really hurt” for the 800th time.

I have a six year old and I can just about move enough to catch her again.

Keep going!

Congrats on the bike riding–and the scar has healed up nicely…still working on the single calf raise myself…I was wondering if any of you other old timers (to the ATR world) still have a very tender spot just above your heel…like were the tendon would attach to the bone..everything else is going pretty good here….later Kevin

Kev34 - when I went into a shoe and FWB, I had the burning pain you describe right where the heel attaches to the AT. It would get worse throughout the day and better in the morning. After about a month now…I haven’t felt it in a few days. Cheers!

Brendan - Ah, the good ol’ days. Seems like such a long time ago it was just you, Dennis, Johnskier, Doc and Jim. It’s great that the site has progressed as well, if not better than all of us! Can you believe there are 110 “runners” out on the marathon course!? Thanks again Dennis, as well as all the contributors.

Brendan - great work. Good definition in the calf. I’ve been riding to work some (8 miles each way) when I can. On the 4th of July I rode 22 miles (to a party in Eagle, CO) and the last 3 or 4 were tough. Feels sore but good. I am going to come visit one day and we can compare our scars!! Take care.

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