Posted by: brendan | April 3, 2008

4.5 Weeks Post Op (1 week of ROM exercises)

Here’s how the swelling is today:

Swelling 040308

For comparison, 6 days ago:


 ROM today on 4/3/2008

ROM 040308

ROM 040308

Ankle Comparison

And a pic of the incision…it’s healing really well.

Scar 040308


what a difference in the swelling…
your foot must feel much better
i was wondering if your doctor/therapist mentionned that it was good to gently massage your scar, doing circular movements?
it helps with the flow of fluids around the scar area
hope you understand (i’m french and sometimes it hard to explain things..)

Looks like you’re healing well. I am 4 weeks post op (tomorrow) and my incision is not nearly as clean looking as yours. Any tips? Also, my foot still skahes slightly when I am out of the boot. It is not persistent when out of the boot, but happens after I shower and am trying to bandage the incision. Have you experienced any of this?


Nancy - my doctor told me I could start massaging the scar, I have been doing that for the past week as well.

Drew - I think everyone heals a little differently, I’m actually a little suprised at how good my incision looks too…but I’ve always healed cuts and scrapes really quickly and with little scarring/scabbing. I just wash it gently with warm water and soap…and I also rub arnica oil into it, it’s an herb that helps aid the wound healing process. As far as the shakes, mine definitely did that during cast changes and when I first got into the boot, I noticed it after showering as well. But after a week of ROM exercises, the muscles around the ankle are stronger now and it doesn’t feel so weak and floppy.

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