Posted by: brendan | March 18, 2008

Top 10 Positives About Tearing Your AT

10. Riding ridiculously slow elevators..only used once in a lifetime.

9. Talking to people you would never talk too…OK, maybe this isn’t a positive!

8. War story to tell…and a scar to prove it!

7. Rock star parking at the Mall……”like OMG”!

6. Practice for the 2010 Crutch Olympics.

5. (for guys) - Getting the free pass on the “toilet seat being left up” for a few months.

4. Tripping that purse thief with your right crutch, while knocking him out cold with your left..wabap wabap..ahh!

3. Learning the roll technique as you fall after a crutch slipped.

2. Treating something better than your junior high prom date.

1. You finally get to race that old lady down aisle 9 on the electric cart.


funny! ;)

very good Brendan. Did we ever tell you what a good writer you are? :)

Thanks for the laugh.. I needed it today.

Hi Brendan,

Seems your Achilles grenaded on the same day mine did. Thanks for the blog, glad you are doing well. Are you in a cast or boot now? I’m in a cast and can’t wait for the boot. It’s like wait for Christmas when you are 5. It just takes forever to come.

Take care


Jim -

I am in a cast now…will be until this Friday 3/28. My doc wanted to cast me for 4 weeks (total of 6 weeks immobilization)…but we discussed some earlier ROM stuff and I should be getting into a boot on my next visit on the 28th. I have still been NWB for the full time post op…and may continue to be NWB in the boot for a few weeks…we’ll see. How did you tear your AT?


I don’t have Excel, but was able to view the sheet here

Too add some info, I am 35, tore the L tendon, and injured it at a Krav Maga class during a warm up which would have been the same type motion as any ball sport.

you make me smile. thanks Bren. hugs, Molly

i would add: not having to cook meals for 4 weeks…or having someone else cook meals for you…that’s one of my highlights

Nancy - that’s a good one…LOL….I actually love to being out of that ritual has been a little bit of a bummer for me!

same here
i’ve cooked dinner yesterday for the first time and noboby died
i’ve been cooking all my meals but my hubby usually takes care of dinner
hard to cook sitting on a stool with one leg hanging…

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