Posted by: brendan | March 13, 2008

Day 10


Slept decent, but woke up with a sore throat…and just couldn’t pick it up today….work was dull and uninteresting….kind of a grey day out.   Got out to look for a new car as my wife is taking a job in a month or so and we need a second set of wheels to cart the kids around.   Even that couldn’t get me going.   UConn loses to WVU…what a bunch of suckers!   To top it off, I was cleaning up after bath time and whoosh..out goes the left crutch as it slips on a hidden pool of water and I come down full weight on my injured foot…..wowzers!    Back to ice and elevation and hope that everything is OK in there.   Have my post op need to focus on my questions.   Breathe..breathe…breathe………..



Brendan - hope your AT is okay. Are you in a cast or a splint or ? Good luck tomorrow.


On wet/icy surfaces, I’ve kicked the ground with my cast foot a couple of times in trying to break the fall.. so I think everyone does it a couple of times. As long as you are in your cast/boot, I think it’s fine.
Not pleasant though. Good luck on your post-op exam tomorrow!

By the way, I don’t know where you get those images, but they are great.

Dennis and JS - I’m in a splint..proably get the cast tomorrow…I think the AT is OK…doesn’t really feel any different after that first few minutes of pain….if it is, it gives me my first breath of evidence that I need that things are on the right track!

I’ll post after my post op.

I put a lot of pressure on the tendon on the second day and it was fine. Hurt pretty good for a few minutes.

sorry to hear about the fall…that’s a fear for all of us and hope everything goes well today and no side effects.
What this injury gives us is ups and downs so don’t let the bastard get you frustrated, recognize your one day closer to recovery.
Getting a new car is exciting, another salary coming in, growing family, life is great.
We just bought a Hyundai Veracruz, great car, a poor man’s Lexus.
What are you looking to buy??

Thanks guys…after hearing the tech talk about how strong that fiber wire was, I feel fine about the fall.

Ross - we are going with a hybrid, looking at the Honda Civic or the Toyota Prius. Leaning towards the Civic for safety reasons and there are still federal tax credits, as well as a big state tax credit in CO. The Prius has already sold 60K units, so the federal credit ran out on it.

On your Hyundai, I call it the smart man’s Lexus…those are fantastic cars. Hard to beat 10 year 100,000 mile warranties. Click and Clack rave about them…if you’re a car talk fan!

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