Posted by: brendan | March 11, 2008

Day 7 Post Op

Had my first day back at work, albeit at home, yesterday.   What a great thing…I love my job as it is, but it was really good to connect with people…made me feel alive again for the first time since my injury.    Here’s how that looks:


I also took a car ride to pick up our daughter from school…and although it was a bit uncomfortable, it was refreshing to see something outside the walls of my house.

 Peeing is more of a challenge than one would expect.   Standing on one leg, arm on the wall, one crutch…I feel like I did when I was three…and just couldn’t quite seem to hit the mark!   My surgery sock has been nailed a few times and it’s a good thing our cleaning person is coming tomorrow!


In my limited hours of sleep (any suggestions helpful) last night, I had a dream that my bandaged splint came loose and in the readjusting it sort of fell off.   The wound was oozy and nasty.   I woke up to find my leg had fallen off the pillow and was dangling off the side of the bed.    That’s still quite painful for me, as I’m still getting the blood rush throbs when it’s not elevated.   I’m thinking that a Gin Martini may be the secret to a successful night’s sleep……



hello Bren. thinking of you. glad you’re writing, getting out a bit, feeling the beautiful sunshine…
hugs, molly

you picture looks familiar….could be a mirror image. As for the bathroom ordeal I too felt sorry for our cleaning lady yesterday
Sleeping….no clue, I think being totally exhausted helps, bed is out for me, I have been on the couch, leg propped up, sleep 2-3 hours, wake up for awhile and then back to sleep. Like you said feels like we’re 3 years old again.

Glad to hear you worked and got your mind off your ordeal.


I tore my left one too. The approach I used for the bathroom was to get almost directly over it. I also felt like a 3 yr old. Not a lot of fun.

Bill - what were you doing when you tore yours? I know you are just a few days into it…it goes by so slow at first..the first week is definitely the longest…but things will start to progress. There are new hurdles at every stage…so be patient.

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