Posted by: brendan | March 9, 2008

Day 6 - Post Op

Well, I can say that the first week is definitely tough…but we are coming through the home stretch.   I was up and around more today than I have been, seems like I don’t need to keep my foot elevated quite as high anymore.   Sitting up on the couch and having it up on a pillow (not above my heart) seems to work for a few hours.   I can only be on my feet (crutches) for about 5 minutes and the throbbing and numbness sets in.    This little bit of extra mobility has really boosted my spirits…I was actually able to put my 3 year old daughter down for a nap today, reading on her bed….just that little bit will help out my wife immensely.

 My knee on my injured side is definitely the worst pain that I feel now…I haven’t really used the knee for weight bearing and/or movement for almost 2 weeks now, and it’s incredible how quickly it loses it’s strength.   When I’m up on crutches it feels like a hundred pounds hanging off that knee joint….I need to remember to work that knee as soon as I get the OK.   

 I will start tomorrow on some other exercises (crunches, leg lifts on good side, arm curls, etc) to keep the body in shape through these rehab weeks.   

 Last night, didn’t sleep well at first.  I think the splinted leg got too hot under a blanket..and it took a little to get it cooled down.   Of course I worried that there may be some sort of infection, but I’m pretty sure that was all in my head.   

 Overall, I just don’t have a lot of energy, I think most of my energy is being used to help heal the tendon and the incision.   Looking forward to starting a work a little from home this’s good to take my mind of the foot for extended periods of time.   

That’s all for now.


sounds encouraging…amazing how we appreciate the little things. and how you miss out by being a couch potato..I agree with the energy comment. It is frustrating to think you’re in shape and than standing on one leg wipes you out.
congrats on a good day..
Here’s wishing you a better tomorrow


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