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(June 11th, 2015)

That morning came and immediately I knew, at the very least, I was not going to be able to work today.  I informed the other members of management, that I was not going to be in today, and would be heading to the doctors, at some point, to see exactly what I was dealing with here.  Just as with most injuries, even just the bumps and bruises, the pain I was feeling was worse today than it was the night before.

My sister works at UB (University of Buffalo) Orthopedics, as a medical secretary, and luckily was able to get me an appointment with one of their great doctors, matter of fact, the best doctor there.  Having the day off from work, hobbling around at home, meant I had my daughter, as she had not yet gone to daycare.  My Mom agreed to watch the princess (she really believes that she is one) so I could go to my appointment.  I then began getting us both ready, of course with a struggle, dropped her off at my moms, and then nervously drove to my appointment.

After an uncomfortable drive to the clinic, followed by a painful limp into the building I was there, filling out the required paperwork, waiting the dreaded call into the exam room.  The nurse brought me into the room and shortly after the doctor walked in.  He asked me what happened, and just like the night before I described to him as well, that I was kicked in the heel while going up for a layup.  He then took off the ace wrap, that my nurse of a wife so nicely did for me, and told me to lay on my stomach on the exam table.  He was immediately concerned about the status of my Achilles, based solely upon my description of the how the injury happened.  He then did the Thompson’s Test, a test to determine whether there has been a rupture or tear in the Achilles tendon. It is done by simply squeezing the back of the calf muscle, and whether or not the muscles responds and moves the foot as a result of the squeeze.  That simple and painless squeeze, bared the bad news that I feared, and deep down already knew; I had ruptured my Achilles tendon.

The doctor discussed my options, explaining that there was an operative and non-operative method to repairing the tendon.  Based on my age and overall health, the doctor of course left it up to me, but strongly recommended I have the surgery.  I didn’t have to make the decision right then and there, but either way he wanted me in a walking boot and off my foot as much as possible.  He also set me up for an MRI, only to confirm what he had already determined, but also to see the severity of the tear.  I was fitted for my boot, shown how to use it, given the prescription for the MRI, and hobbling out of the clinic I went.

I drove to my Mom’s just thinking about what to do, and in all my years never hearing that word surgery, I was very nervous.  I made it back to my Mom’s, where I had some lunch and discussed with her as well as my wife on the phone my options.  Our conversations, coupled with the doctor’s highly recommended recommendation, I decided to have the surgery.  I called the clinic back, having left without making a decision before, and scheduled my first surgery ever, an Achilles Tendon rupture (ATR) repair, for the following Tuesday.  I now had five days to stay off my feet, walk only if needed, of course in the walking boot, before my surgery.  Life doesn’t stop because of the injury and many arrangements needed to be made, not only for the surgery day, but for the time that I will be off my feet during the recovery.  Time to look at the financial situation, call work to find out about disability insurance, and of course make arrangements for kids with daycare and school.  This is going to be a long road to recovery.

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