The second week since the surgery definitely was better than the first.  For one, the pain was even less now, only really hurting if I had the leg in a weird position or sometimes when I was trying to sleep.  Second, I DIDN’T FALL!!!  I was being extra careful after the fall and just continuing to elevate it, stay off it, and be a couch potato.  I did attend my son’s friend going away party, but was able to sit in a chair, I also went to the movie store to help pick out a movie with the family, but other than that, getting out was at a minimum.  The day of my post-op appointment came, and I was really looking forward to seeing what the incision looked like and was interested in how the doctor thought it looked and how I was doing, how was I progressing.  I was a little upset when I arrived, and found out I wouldn’t be seeing the doctor today, but rather the medical assistant to remove my sutures and place me in a cast.

She sat me on the exam table, cut off the ace wrap and the splint, and there was the foot I hadn’t seen in 2 weeks.  I don’t have the best looking feet, but these looked extra bad, yellow-stained from the iodine and my skin was peeling because of being all wrapped up for all that time.  After that I immediately looked at the back of my leg, where the scar was, and even though I had seen plenty of pictures of the surgery, I was still amazed that this incision was on my leg.  She told me to lay on my stomach and she went to town, pulling out about 15 stitches.  She said it looked good and was healing great.  It felt so weird, different from after the injury, because as I moved my foot I saw some movement in my calf, but it just didn’t feel normal, which is understandable.  My calf, which normally is pretty muscular, just felt flabby and very un-muscular.  I couldn’t really flex it, but she said all of that is normal and to be expected.  She then cleaned my leg and feet pretty good, preparing me for the cast.  She wrapped the soft pre-wrap around my whole foot and leg, and then proceeded with the fiberglass casting.  I was able to choose a color, and selected red for the Red Sox!  It felt similar to the splint, but tighter and warmer.  I felt more secure in the cast and definitely like having the stitches out.  I will be in the cast for 2 weeks, before it is removed and put back into my walking boot.  I know the process is long and there are plenty of steps and milestones I still have to complete, but it felt good getting to the next one.

Next up…cast removal!

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3 Responses to “First Post Op Appointment (2 Weeks after surgery)”
  1. eyceman says:

    Sounds like you’re on the right track!

  2. Bonney says:

    My AT surgery was on June 29th; I read your article with much anticipation and feel somewhat calmed about progress so far. I especially LOVED that you chose a red cast for the Red Sox ; my Red Sox are from Boston ;) I’m going to immediately investigate your other posts; thank you so much; this has buoyed my spirits significantly.

  3. breakingbad22 says:

    Sorry just responding Bonney, I was actually on vacation until today. I am about to write about getting the cast of and such, but wanted to thank you for your kind words. I am glad my story has brought some calm to your dealings, as other stories on here have done for me. This has been a long road, but as with everything in life, it is actually cruising by. I wish you the best of luck with your recovery and GO RED SOX!

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