Physical Therapy

So, I have had 3 PT sessions so far.  The first one was basically to determine my range of motion and to start working on stretching out the tendon.  The last two have involved more stretching plus range of motion exercises (BATS board, picking up marbles with my toes and dropping them in a cup - is this a standard exercise?, moving a wet towel across a dry erase board).  Each session so far has lasted a little longer.  Feels good to be working towards something.


Yesterday (8/9/09) was 8 weeks since my injury

Yesterday was exactly 8 weeks since the date of injury. 

I had surgery on June 24th, in a splint until July 9th, and in then in a full cast until July 23rd.  Since July 23rd I have been in a walking boot with the advice from my doctor to not put much weight on until my next appointment on August 20th.

I have not exactly followed the doctors orders strictly.  Through the entire process so far I have yet to experience much pain from the surgery.  I took a total of 3 painkillers after my surgery, found they made me nauseous and stopped using them the first night after surgery.  I began putting some weight on my foot (with the boot on) 2 days after I got the boot, felt a little sensation in my heel (small needles) and quickly decided against.  I kept doing my stretching exercises whenever I took the boot off and within 5 days of using the boot was able to put my foot down with no discomfort.  Currently, 6+ weeks post surgery I can bend my right foot to nearly any position that my left foot can bend, and without pain.  I have been using crutches less and less and find that as long as I rest my foot some then I feel pretty good.

The only problem I do appear to be having is since the boot is a good 3 inches higher than my other foot it is causing some back alignment problems, so I have been going to the chiropractor a couple times a week to help with that.

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