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  1. Hello, My is Steve and I’d like to share my story that I am currently going thru with my Achilles tendon infection.
    Basically long story long, what happened is I had blisters/rubs on the bottoms of my feet and heel area from hunting/hiking. Then two
    weeks after my hunt, me and a buddy were ripping our side-by-side’s Rzr’s thru arroyo’s and we ran into a pool of water with lots of mud.
    Unfortunately we got stuck badly, and spent the better part of 2 days getting them out. We were in the mud for about 3 to 4 hours each of
    those 2 days. I didn’t think anything about my blisters or open wounds on my feet/ankle. Then approximately 9 days later on a Wednesday,
    I woke up slightly limping and not knowing why??? It went from a slight limp Wednesday morning, to barely be able to walk on it that night.
    Needless to say it kept me up all night, by Friday morning the pain was so unbearable and in excruciating pain. So my wife took me to urgent care, which the nurse practitioner prescribed some meds and crutches and said if it gets worse to go to the emergency. Saturday morning things did not get better, so we went to the emergency. After an ultra-sound, x-ray and MRI, the doc said that my Achilles tendon was 40% torn but more than that,
    I had a bad infection in the Achilles tendon area. So on Sunday they proceeded with surgery to clear out the three pockets of fluid that were filled
    with puss. After the surgery the Doctor said that I did not have a partially torn Achilles tendon and that the tendon was intact. The doc
    said that the infection had abscessed, so I stayed in the hospital a total of 5 days which I was on I.V. Antibiotics until my blood levels were
    back to normal ranges. I stayed on oral antibiotics for two more weeks at home. So when what I thought was going to be my last follow up doc
    appointment, the doctor was checking my incision area. Things did not look good and he told me that he thought that I may possibly have a
    re-infection! So back to the hospital I went, after another MRI, the results came back that I had another abscess in my actual Achilles
    tendon. After my second surgery the doctor said that the infection caused necrosis in my Achilles tendon and that he had to cut out 70%
    of the tendon, (yikes)!!! They left the incision open but packed it with a powdered antibiotic, gauge and wrapped it, four days after my second surgery they went in for a 3rd surgery to re-inspect, wash out and close up the wound. I spent 7 days in the hospital on that visit and currently have been home now just shy of 4 weeks after the 3rd surgery. The second time going in for the re-infection, the Infectious/Disease unit was involved
    and I have been doing antibiotics thru a PICC line from home. I received great news from both my surgeon and the Infectious/Disease unit Doctor
    this week and that the infection had cleared and my blood work is back to normal ranges (Yah!) So now I start the road to recovery and healing and
    will start therapy next Thursday the 26th. My situation is quit RARE according to all the doctors involved and I wanted to get my story out there. If anyone has gone thru this type of medical situation with infection, it is no joke and is very scary! Please let me know what you think . . .
    Thanks, Steve

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