2 Shoes - advice?

December 8, 2014

So, I have the all clear to start 2 shoes. I asked about how to do this and was advised just to increase the hours in 2 shoes each day. SO tonight, I will be able to sleep without the boot - well that’s an 8 hour reduction to start!! I’ve read Norm’s comments on how to start but still fairly apprehensive…………

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  1. normofthenorth Says:

    In addition to the general scary-ness, many of us experienced extreme sensitivity of the foot bottom, especially under the heel. My solution was Crocs, but any gel footbed would be similar.
    Lots of folks found fave shoes - especially the post-ops, who often have to coddle a sensitive wound.

  2. Heeling Says:

    hi bradfordlassincanada
    I just went straight to 2 shoes (trainers) a week ago when I was 8 weeks post injury (also from badminton). I’m having a hard time trying to walk, but don’t really have any sensitivity of the foot bottom. Walking is just so slow it’s extremely frustrating. Am hoping to get some good advice from my physio who I’m going to on Thursday. Will share anything I think is worth sharing. I am walking like normofthenorth advised (see my recent post) but haven’t seen much improvement in that week. It’s hard to keep going - I’m tempted to jump in the car whenever I need to go anywhere but I know thats not going to help me in the long run (no pun intended here!) Am swimming and doing pilates, which helps some, and trying not to get too despondent.

  3. donna Says:

    You said you are still apprehensive…I can imagine! I’m a few weeks away from 2 shoes, it was scary to me to go FWB in the boot…but I remembered people here saying it was more mental than physical so I gave it a try with support & saw how afraid I was…I got over the fear & I can imagine I’ll have it again when it’s my time to go two shoes & I hope I’ll remember this advice I’m giving to you…try little steps & trust yourself & your body, try it in whatever way feels safe too…let your body guide you instead of the fearful mind. Pain is a sign to stop & rest. Today I went until pain said “go rest”. I walked maybe 1/4 mile today in my boot. YAY me.

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