Surgery Day and After

November 23, 2014

I was really lucky and managed t have surgery 4 days post tear. I’d read lots on the internet and decided that I’d prefer the surgery.

Surgeon was great and I had a nerve block and general. It was my first surgery ever. I’m mid forties, and a mum of 2 teenagers with no health issues (other than needing to loose a stone!).  So I was very low risk for all the surgery questions.

Operation went well and I went home with the back slab cast and pointy toes and the nerve block, dutifully taking the morphine as instructed for when the nerve block was to wear off.  Some 24 hours later my leg was still dead………so I went back to emerg and they got my leg out of the cast and it started coming back to life.  It had just taken a bit longer to wear off! Back in another slab and home again……..

Four or five days later, off the morphine, leg doing OK.  Very tedious getting around on crutches - had to google and you tube lots as I had no clue. And that’s when I found this site. What a help!!!!!!

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