November 23, 2014

So, out of the cast 10 days later and into an airboot.

Straight away it felt a bit painful being in the airboot but I thought it was just the afters of surgery.  Out of the cast on a Tuesday.  The next few days my leg became more and more painful to the extent I went back on the morphine and I struggled to do the boot up. At night I would leave the front plate off to get some relief.  After 2.5 days of this nonsense I rang the surgeon and then hospital. Being less mobile, I didn’t really fancy a trip to the hospital if I should just suck it up.  Apparently once you say “I have pain in my calf”, it is a trip to emerg……

So, long story short, they imaged my leg, found a small clot below the knee and started me on anticoagulants.

Whilst the clot was near the knee, my whole calf was on fire with a pain level of 10. I have had 2 kids with no drugs at all and this pain was off the planet. Never felt anything like it ever.

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