November 21, 2014

OK,  first of all, I’m not a writer. This blog however was a lifesaver in the first weeks post injury and so if it helps someone else, happy to contribute.

Well, I’m a Brit n Canada and play a reasonable standard of badminton. It was matchpoint, my ankle had tinged but one more point and I was done.  I was very done!

Classic tear, though I didn’t know it. Ended up on the floor seeing stars. Not terribly painful but felt very dizzy and lightheaded. Went home, did the RICE,rest elevation compression and elevation and wine. Still the same the next morning so went to the emergency Dept.

Ultrasound confirmed the tear and after a long day I opted for the conservative approach to treatment.  Sent home and promptly fell up the steps as I had no clue how to do crutches!

Spent the next day on the Internet and decided I’d rather have the surgery option for all sorts of reasons.

2 Responses to “matchpoint!”

  1. normofthenorth Says:

    And you’re going to catch us up, soon? Its bad enough that the actual real-time treatment and rehab have too much suspense in them, please don’t add more! ;-)

  2. bradfordlassincanada Says:

    My request for a blog got overseeen.
    I have lots of info to download.
    Problem now is that I am mobile and have less time to write!

    I will get on with it!!

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