5-wk post-op from shortening surgery; 19-month update

Hi All,
It has been months since my last post, but thought I would add this for the benefit of all.
To recap, full ATR was Dec 2014 followed by non-op protocol.  In Nov 2015, a surgeon with much ATR experience confirmed via visual exam that I healed long.  I suspect long heal caused by loose plaster [...]

10 month update

It’s been nearly 10 months since ATR and non-op treatment.  I had an appointment two days ago with local foot ankle OS. With legs horizontal, she measured resting DF ROM three times in both legs and found about 6 degrees greater DF in injured left compared to right. This would suggest the [...]

Relief for calf tightness?

Hello fello ATRs
I am 9 1/2 months since start of non-op ATR treatment and I have been in two shoes for ~7 months (similar to UWO protocol).  I would really appreciate some feedback on how to relieve the tightness in my calf.  Perhaps there is a diet or vitamin(s) that can help?

one leg heel lift max is [...]

Nine months…should I try surgery?

Hi folks,
I would appreciate input/advise…(thanks to Norm and Stuart for their kinds words at the ~7-month mark).
Full rupture of my left achilles Dec 1, 2014, nearly nine months ago. Treatment was non-op as is common here in Canada, 12 days in plaster splint, followed by Breg (make) boot with wedges.  I believe I have [...]

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