10 month update

It’s been nearly 10 months since ATR and non-op treatment.  I had an appointment two days ago with local foot ankle OS. With legs horizontal, she measured resting DF ROM three times in both legs and found about 6 degrees greater DF in injured left compared to right. This would suggest the Achilles has healed slightly long. She then measured the distance from behind knee to top of heel bone and found injured left to be about 2 cm longer. She has ordered an MRI to get a better measure of the Achilles in an effort to determine if it has healed long. It will take a few weeks for the MRI to be scheduled due to a wait list.

I have some tendonitis in my peroneal tendon and she agreed that this is likely due to the peroneal compensating for the Achilles. I think the peroneal became tender during eccentric exercises so I have backed off on these for now.

I may be a candidate for shortening surgery in order to improve push off strength and that would mean going thru rehab again.  The waiting and uncertainty of surgery are challenging.  From what I have read, accepting or not accepting a strength deficit is a personal choice.  I think some of my lengthening was the result of accidental DF (Achilles stretching) during the first two months.

My foot ankle OS has referred me to her colleague who specializes in Achilles, but is 4 hrs away.  I believe he is the closest OS that performs shortening surgeries.

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  1. Thanks for the post - definitely keep us informed of what you find and choose to do, as achilles lengthening seems to be one of those topics that is not fully understood, so any additional data points will be helpful for those recovering.

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