9 weeks post op!! Swelling

Today is nine weeks post-op. I have been FWB for two weeks. I have gone from being able to only put my toes six inches back to walking with only a slight limp. From other posters, it appears I am doing well. My only problem is swelling. In the morning my foot is only slightly swollen, if at all, but by the end of the day it is double in size. My PT says that is ok and it will get better, but I don’t know if this is normal. The only pain I have is a good pain when i stretch. That has subsided a bunch. Anyone out there have some words on the swelling?

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  1. Yeah I had the same problem with swelling until maybe 11 weeks out. Even now I’m 14 weeks out and still get a little swelling but nothing like it used to be as you describe. It will get better with time…

  2. I am 10 weeks and I get swelling, too. Doc suggested and gave me an anti-embolism stocking. PT also told me that as my calf muscle became more engaged/stronger the circulation and return would improve and swelling would lessen. Also, elevation and ice work wonders. Over the last week, it has gotten much better. Now my foot/toes don’t get huge but I get a cankle. Good luck.

  3. Indeed you are doing well at 9 weeks.
    The swelling is supposed to be normal - but if it gets double the size that I find too much… Maybe you should reduce the time you spend on your foot. Whenever you sit - elevate it. The heel does not feel warm or painful - meaning no inflammation? Too much swelling slows down the healing.

  4. I’m very happy you posted about your swelling… because I’m 5 weeks post-op and that’s been my biggest concern. I did not expect my foot to still be swollen this far after surgery. I now wear a tight fitting tube sock. That , elevating and massaging seem to help.

  5. You can try contracting your calf muscle 20 times every hour on the hour, this acts like a pump and should help to push the swelling up.

  6. I start with a slightly bigger foot and it grows at least a few inches over the day.
    I know I need to elevate it more but I don’t.

  7. I am so pleased to see that the swelling is somewhat normal - as I am experiencing it too and was getting concerned. - At 7 weeks and 2 days post op - I am getting swelling too at the end of the day and my heel/ankle does feel warm too (inflammation?)
    But sounds like you are doing good - so carry on with the same I reckon :)

  8. Before my re-rupture scare, I felt really uncomfortable walking but this time its easier. But afterwards it does hurt and am still in the boot. Trouble is I was given a trolley instead of crutches so I can’t drive while I need the trolley to get to the car cos once I’m in I can’t get it in. So my goal for now is to be able to walk in the boot to the car.
    By the way am I now FWB even if I’m still using the boot? I do need rests though and applying my compression wrap a lot in between walking periods.
    Have a good Christmas everyone! No getting drunk and re-rupturing!

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