Shoe inserts?

I have seen several people mention inserts for their shoes that keep their heel up. Can someone provide some more info on them. As I mentioned, I’m about to get my cast off and don’t know if my foot will go 90 degrees.


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  1. Hey Brad- if you go from cast to boot, the boots tend to come with some pads for your heel. I initially found, tho, that those pads weren’t enough and folded up a sock for under the pads. That ended up feeling too hard, so I bought some Dr. Scholl’s heel pad/arch support inserts (I was gellin’). That made things much more bearable. Once I got out of the boot, I transferred the inserts to my shoes - although I’ve stopped needing those anymore. Good luck, Ron

  2. Brad,

    It also depends on the type of boot you get. I was given a boot where the boot they were able to adjust the angle so no insert was needed. I think they adjusted it twice before I went FWB and was at 90deg..


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