4 Weeks Post-Surgery 14 days until cast removal

I’m still in a hard cast with foot flexed at about 20-30 degrees. Last night I just got sick of not being able to use my hands so I tried walking with one crutch. No problem. Then I tried walking (more like shuffling) with no crutches. No problem. The only discomfort i feel is, I think, from my scar. This has really picked up my spirits. Sure was nice to get my own coffee this morning. Hope I’m not screwing up, but I have been injured enough to know when something is not right, and this feels ok as long as I don’t overdo it. Thanks for listening.

2 Responses to “4 Weeks Post-Surgery 14 days until cast removal”

  1. Just take it slow and easy. Only real harm could come from a trip or fall where you know what foot you will slam down to try to catch your self…I get my cast off tomorrow–hoping to go to boot and a little more freedom.

  2. the only discomfort i felt around a month post op was from the scar, i took the doctors advise and kept it foot non-weight bearing. for some reason the doctor didn’t put me in a walking boot, i went right to a sneaker, with an orthotic. i have another appointment next week, and i’ll be sure to ask him. i found the more questions i ask the orthopedic, the more animated he becomes more in my visits.

    for carrying my own coffee in the morning i’ll use a travel mug that seals up, put it in my pocket, and use my crutches to get into the living room.

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