Cast came off today. I am so thankful. Doctor said I could ditch the crutches which I promptly did. I am in a walking boot, but it feels better just walking bare foot. I was worried my foot wouldn’t bend to 90 degrees but it did. My calf is gone, [...]

Shoe inserts?

I have seen several people mention inserts for their shoes that keep their heel up. Can someone provide some more info on them. As I mentioned, I’m about to get my cast off and don’t know if my foot will go 90 degrees.

3 days until the cast comes off!! Someone give me a hacksaw!

3 more days. I know I can make it. I have been hobbling around for two weeks without crutches. (Against doctor’s orders.) Foot will swell a little a night. Can’t wait for the boot and a nice warm shower!!

4 Weeks Post-Surgery 14 days until cast removal

I’m still in a hard cast with foot flexed at about 20-30 degrees. Last night I just got sick of not being able to use my hands so I tried walking with one crutch. No problem. Then I tried walking (more like shuffling) with no crutches. No problem. The only [...]