12 days post-surgery

Went to the doctor today and got my plaster cast removed.  What a scar!  Foot is still swollen and stiff.  I can imagine it will be worse when I get this second cast off on November 24th.  Kind of bummed out, as the reality of 34 more days in a cast is setting in.  I am continuing to try to work out, but it ain’t easy.  Got to keep going.

3 Responses to “12 days post-surgery”

  1. I go tomorrow to get stitches out and a new cast. I am waiting to see how long I have to keep the new cast on. Man, I sure hope it is not like 6 weeks. I am going stir crazy and it has only been 2 1/2 weeks since surgery.

  2. The month in the hard cast is the hardest. It’s when despair and boredom starts to set in.. I’m almost past my 2nd week in the hard-cast (4 weeks post surgery) and I’m going crazy as well. I still have 2 more weeks before I get switched to a boot. Now I’m just trying to stay optimistic and hope the days pass quickly.
    Good luck with your recovery!

  3. BP - time to line up some things to look forward to. Needn’t be anything spectacular: friends round for beer and pizza, meal out with someone you’ve been meaning to catch up with for ages but haven’t got round to it, that sort of thing.
    Go watch a game - you have a proper sporting injury and will be greeted as a hero who doesn’t let a stupid ruptured tendon keep him away.
    If you view this is as a prison sentence that is exactly how it will feel. Everyone assumes you are confined to the sofa of misery - prove them wrong.
    And as for upper-body workout, going out on crutches takes some beating. I’m a skinny little thing but now I have the shoulders of Michael Phelps. He wants them back.

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