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Feb 01 2009

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My Ordination with my ATR

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Of all the times I ever thought about my ordination I never once thought I would be using a wheelchair and crutches. I guess it just goes to prove that you never know what is in store for us. This past Saturday January 24th was the end and the beginning of a long road for me. I have been in the seminary studying and praying to be a Catholic priest for over nine years. I am writing about it on this blog because my ATR made things a bit more interesting. There are several moments during the ordination where I needed to kneel, stand, and prostrate myself on the floor. At some moments I was being wheeled around on my wheelchair and other moments the chair was taken away and crutches were given to me so I could get up stairs. Throughout it all I had to altar servers standing next to me to give me support when I need to stand or kneel. It was an incredible day and one that my ATR was not able to diminish! I have added a picture of me blessing people from my wheelchair.

Fr. Sean Blessing People

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Dec 22 2008

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Waiting For My Cast

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Well I’m moving in on a week since my surgery. The pain level is very minimal, actually non-existant if I keep my leg elevated. There were a couple of things that I did ahead of time that I think really helped control swelling after the surgery. The best thing that I did was rent one of those hospital beds, the kind that allows you to raise the foot or the head of the bed. It helped me keep my ankle elevated and was actually quite comfortable to sleep in. The other thing that I did was rent a wheel chair. My leg isn’t elevated when I use it obviously, but I have noticed a difference when I stand vs. when I am sitting. The pressure I feel in my ankle and calf seems to come on a bit slower when I am sitting.

One thing that I didn’t do though that I wished I had was tie on a short rope around the handles of doors. It is a bit difficult to close a door behind you that you have to pull shut when you are in a wheel chair.

I am starting to get a bit of cabin fever sitting around the house, which from what I have read is a very common experience. The doc told me to be really careful, so I have been waiting to head out and about until the cast is put on and I have a bit more protection around my ankle. I am scheduled to get the cast on Dec. 30th. My late Christmas present, Yipee! (sarcasm should be read into the blog at this point).

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