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Dec 31 2008

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First Post-Op Doc Visit

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Well I was expecting to get my stitches out on the 30th, but that did not happen. I spent about 2 1/2 hours at the docs office. While I was there they took off the splint that was put on at the time of my surgery. Here is what things looked like.


Scar 2

These pictures are two weeks post surgery. Before I had the splint removed I was a bit worried about some pain that I was having. I had a stinging sensation and it felt like something was poking me. Once I saw the scar though I was relieved to see no redness or swelling that would indicate an infection. My doc poked around the wound which was not painful and said that the pain was probably a result of things healing up and not to worry about it.

So this is how I am as I enter into 2009. Next Tuesday I go in to have my stitches removed and my first cast put on. The protocol my doctor is following is as follows: 6 weeks non-weight bearing, 6 weeks in a walking cast, and 6 weeks in a cam boot. I know that this isn’t as agressive as some, but I am fine with it. I am not so worried about healing fast, but rather healing well, and if that takes time then it takes time.

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