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Feb 01 2009

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My Ordination with my ATR

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Of all the times I ever thought about my ordination I never once thought I would be using a wheelchair and crutches. I guess it just goes to prove that you never know what is in store for us. This past Saturday January 24th was the end and the beginning of a long road for me. I have been in the seminary studying and praying to be a Catholic priest for over nine years. I am writing about it on this blog because my ATR made things a bit more interesting. There are several moments during the ordination where I needed to kneel, stand, and prostrate myself on the floor. At some moments I was being wheeled around on my wheelchair and other moments the chair was taken away and crutches were given to me so I could get up stairs. Throughout it all I had to altar servers standing next to me to give me support when I need to stand or kneel. It was an incredible day and one that my ATR was not able to diminish! I have added a picture of me blessing people from my wheelchair.

Fr. Sean Blessing People

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Dec 14 2008

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Waiting for Surgery

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Well I am still waiting to hear from my ortho surgeon’s office about when my surgery is. When I left the office I was told that this guy who is in charge of scheduling would first need to clear it with the insurance and then find an opening. I asked when he thought my surgery might be and he told me sometime within the next 12 days. My assumption was that I would receive a call within the next day or two to inform me of that date. I guess I was wrong.

I never did ask how long I would need to wait to hear back from his office but, I guess I should have asked. All of this is a new experience and thus I don’t know what I need to ask about or how things are going to take place. I think that the lesson I have learned is that ask about everything, and don’t expect that you are going to remember everything when you get into the office. When I get to the doctors office I get so absorbed into what they are telling me, I often forget to ask the questions I wanted answers too.

The other thing that I have noticed is that the front desk in the doctors office is like a firewall. I think that they would rather have their limbs cut off before they would actually connect you with your doctor. At least this has been my experience. They are more than willing to take down a note and it seems will tell you just about anything as long as you agree not to talk to your doctor at that moment. I suppose doctors do get a large amount of tedious phone calls, but come on, can’t you just relay a quick question and get the answer back to me?

Anyway, so I am still waiting. I plan on calling the office tomorrow because the surgery co-ordinator is supposed to be working that day. Also, I am getting more accustomed to the crutches. I was sore as all get out the other day, using muscles that have been in hibernation since my birth. Those muscles are starting to complain a bit less and I am getting around a bit better. They better get used to it, because they have a bunch more weeks ahead of the same ole same ole!

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