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Dec 18 2008

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My Surgery

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I went in for my surgery yesterday. Got there early in the morning around 9:30 picked up my paperwork and got myself checked in for a surgery time of 12:30. The wait didn’t seem that long because it was broken up by occasional leg shaving, paper signing, or conversation. However, my surgery was delayed until 3:00. Still time seemed to pass quickly and I was relieved that things were at least happening.

Before my surgery my anesthesiologist came in to do a block on my left leg. I was told that this would numb my leg for 12 to 24 hours to help me get through the worst of the pain post-surgery. To get the block I had to have a big needle inject some stuff deep in around a main nerve in my leg. Surprisingly this wasn’t that painful, but things would soon change.

After the block I was wheeled into the OR where I asked if it was ok that I still felt things in my leg. He gave me a test where he proceeded to poke me all over the leg with a needle which I felt, and then followed up by saying, “well sometimes it takes time.” Then I got the general and it was lights out.

When I came to I was in excruciating pain. The block completely failed, so they gave me morphine. When that failed to alleviate the pain they gave me the strongest stuff they had (still not sure what it was) which brought my pain level down from a 10 to an 8. The pain came on in waves peaking at a 10 and then dropping down to a 4. At that time I couldn’t even sit in a wheel chair let alone use a pair of crutches so they admitted me. This was around 6:00pm.

Between 6:00 and midnight they continued with the pain meds until midnight when I was finally able to get about an hour of sleep after they gave me another dose of morphine. When I woke up the pain was down a few levels and the waves and stopped. Since then it has gotten progressively better.

This is my third surgery. I have had a ruptured appendix and a hernia operation, and this by far was the most painful post-op recovery I have ever had. I am so happy it is behind me.

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