Hitting 8 week post op mark

Hey Guys,
My physio has given me double legged heel raises to start doing. Said go light and see how it goes knowing the good leg will be taking most of the load initially. I came into physio wearing the AirCast still and as he wanted me to be rid of it by now [...]

6 weeks post op…to quick?

6 weeks post op and had my meeting with the surgeon on Friday. He wants me out of the Aircast within a week! Had my first PT appointment today and he stated the same thing. Seems a bit early compared to other protocols I have read (more like 8 weeks into two [...]

Hi, my story and a few questions

Hi, here’s a bit of background for my situation. 33yrs old played indoor soccer for the first time and not one to back down:) Anyways my co-worker (work function of course) crossed the ball and I took the shot (hit the post) landed weird and thought I sprained my ankle. I figured [...]

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