Hitting 8 week post op mark

Hey Guys,
My physio has given me double legged heel raises to start doing. Said go light and see how it goes knowing the good leg will be taking most of the load initially. I came into physio wearing the AirCast still and as he wanted me to be rid of it by now told me to have it totally gone by Monday. I have been wearing it since my 6 week check by my surgeon and have practiced walking for about 45 minutes per day with it off. I have been limping quite a bit and my physio told me to increase/exaggerate my stride in order to get rid of the limp. I have a bit and the limp is minimized but I am still not pushing off totally with my toes when I walk. My leg feels pretty good, with barely any swelling or pain, but I am not going to lie…I’m scared:)

Anyone have any tips for trying to walk normal? I know it’s my toe not articulating the same as my good leg. I can’t figure out the difference in load bearing between a single-leg calf raise compared to just plain walking. Seems to me they both have %100 weight on them.

6 weeks post op…to quick?

6 weeks post op and had my meeting with the surgeon on Friday. He wants me out of the Aircast within a week! Had my first PT appointment today and he stated the same thing. Seems a bit early compared to other protocols I have read (more like 8 weeks into two shoes not at 7). Anyways I had a scare a couple weeks ago but it appears it was only scar tissue I ripped. Who knows…my doctor told me to go full steam ahead as planned regardless.

My PT gave me some exercises, one was a slight stretching of the calf/tendon by putting my hands on the wall and good toe forward touching wall while bad leg back. The typical wall type stretch, there was that and balancing on one foot…which I sure as hell couldn’t do very well! I also checked out my exercise bike I had dropped off at my place, 5 minutes of light cruising.

I also was told to walk without the Aircast at home for short distances…everything is going pretty fast and I am going to slow it down a notch just to be safe. Definitely read all the articles about healing long so I’m going to take it light on the stretches for a bit.

Hi, my story and a few questions

Hi, here’s a bit of background for my situation. 33yrs old played indoor soccer for the first time and not one to back down:) Anyways my co-worker (work function of course) crossed the ball and I took the shot (hit the post) landed weird and thought I sprained my ankle. I figured I was out but for some reason I had no pain and continued to play for another hour when I felt the hit in the back of the leg and of course no one was there. I limped away and drove to a medicentre by my place where I was misdiagnosed and sent home. Thank God for the internet, I was in emergency on Sunday (this initially happening Friday evening) and had surgery the subsequent Saturday (Feb 1st).

My protocol is as follows:
Week1: Splint cast NWB
Week2: Aircast (with 3 Heel wedge=1.8″) NWB
Week3: Aircast PWB 30lbs, end of week take one wedge out
Week4:Aircast PWB 60lbs, end of week take one wedge out
Week5:Aircast PWB 100lbs, end of week take one wedge out
Week6: Aircast FWB

Anyways I was at the end of week four when (semi?)disaster struck. This past Sunday the 2nd I was in my Aircast walking up some stairs and since I was allowed to put 100lbs the next day figured I could try it on the steps. I miscalculated and probably put about 170 lbs (I’m 190lbs) on my toe in the Aircast instead of the heel.

The pain was quite severe and I immediately stopped and continued up the stairs with NWB and sat down. Obviously I am paranoid I re ruptured. I went to the ER and the ER doctor looked at it and said it didn’t look like it ruptured again, but he isn’t an Ortho and a ultrasound should figure it out. The ultrasound was done the next day as they had no one on that night. I explained where the pain was and the ultrasound tech did her thing but couldn’t find anything wrong. Next the Radiologist comes in and does the ultrasound and he says it appears the tendon is intact however it’s hard to tell if damage is done due to my surgery which was 4 weeks prior and it can make the ultrasound reading difficult. Anyways he said he wasn’t positive but it would seem unlikely I would require surgery.

Contacted my ortho surgeon today and he received the ultrasound and the message was relayed to me to put one heel wedge back in and continue protocol as normal until our previously scheduled appointment next Friday and that he didn’t think it was torn.

I have pain/tenderness around the surgery where I felt the pain when I stood on my toe obviously and can feel a bit of blood rushing to it when I stand up (this was previously gone).

My question is, when you rerupture, will I know or will it be some obscure thing like my situation? It hurt and is definitely sore (being over 2 days after the incident) but I didn’t feel the “kick” like initially.

And second of all, I obviously did some damage to it, how to gauge how much damage and what could be the appropriate course of action?

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