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Jul 07 2014

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Walking in the boot

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I was finally given the green light for walking a week and half ago.  So much more freedom, crutches or wheels are faster though.  My boot needs a speaker with various robot noises. I feel like a transformer walking on it.  Hopefully I can get some boot movement in couple weeks to make walking a little less clunky.  The bottom of my heel takes a beating with it locked at 0.  I put an insole of a running shoe under my foot to provide some support and cushion my heel more.  I also highly recommend the “evenup”, might have to buy another one since the bottom layer of mine is starting to go.  Anyone have a suggestion for a boot cooling system?  Feels like I have a quilt wrapped around my leg.

I started PT last week, which was fabulous.  Mainly worked on ROM since I do not have much (5 to -20).  Baby steps.  Pretty excited (at some point) to use the Alter G treadmill though.

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