Jun 20 2014


10 degrees

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Moved my boot to 10 degrees this past Wednesday.  Kinda odd how little of a change can bring on such anxiety.  I re-positioned the boot then slowly put my foot in.  My calf muscle immediately said ” Hey whats going on?” as it moved for the first time in weeks.  It felt tight but after a few minutes, it was happy again.  On to 0 degrees in a week and walking, or attempted walking.  My first day of walking coincides with air travel.  I debated taking the scooter wheels/cane option versus the wheelchair/crutches option.  I went with the latter and requested the wheel chair service at the airport.

In preparation for walking, I ordered a cane and a step up thing for my shoe.  My wife asked why a bungee cord and piece of plywood would not work and was disappointed that I did not select the sweet pimp walking cane. Excited about walking again, not excited about walking in the boot.

Next visit to the surgeon is in 1.5 weeks.  Not sure what will happen then, hopefully a script for PT.

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  1. davidkon 20 Jun 2014 at 1:31 pm 1

    If you haven’t already, I suggest that you at least mention your upcoming air travel to your OS. You’re just beyond the point at which air travel is usually discouraged post-surgery–especially for the lower extremities. Even if your OS says OK, be prepared for significant swelling. I just flew for the first time after my ATR surgery at 13 weeks and was very surprised at the amount of swelling I experienced–I thought I was past that. In addition, you may also experience an increase in swelling from moving to PWB (or FWB?) status in your boot. Just a heads-up to be both safe and prepared. -David

  2. boredoutofmymindon 20 Jun 2014 at 2:00 pm 2

    Thanks for the heads up David. I spoke with my surgeon about this. At the 4 wk post-op appointment he said I was past the critical point and could fly. This does seem sooner than normal, as you and others have stated. Seems the way to go is compression sock and be well hydrated.

  3. juanron 21 Jun 2014 at 5:10 am 3

    I agree with the wife, get a sweet pimp cane. If you weren’t getting on a plane, you can even get one with a sword in it.

  4. vegasjoeyon 21 Jun 2014 at 10:16 am 4

    Congrats! Went down to one lift on thursday. Still using mycrutches. Like you not feeling 100% about it. Trying to out a little more weight on it. Good lyck with your flight.

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