Jun 07 2014


What just happened….?

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ATR: Left leg total tear, 1-3 cm gap depending on foot angle

Sport: soccer

Background:  39 year old guy

The injury: On May 8th I was playing soccer, it was ~30 minutes into the first half, I was running forward and jumped to meet the ball and bam!  I hit the ground wondering who had just hacked me extremely hard.  I was face down wondering what had just happened.  I got up and tried to weight my left foot, but not much was happening.  Made it off the field with the help of two teammates.  I sat on the bench wondering what was up with my ankle, pain was not to bad, just no power.  I hobbled off to my car very slowly.  Thankfully I had not driven the manual transmission vehicle to the game.  I called my wife and we debated a trip to the ER.  I eventually drove over to the ER but couldn’t find any close parking and really did not feel like hobbling down a flight of stairs to get there, so I headed home.  The following morning I lucked out with an early appointment with my primary care physician.

To be continued…

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  1. juanron 08 Jun 2014 at 8:21 pm 1

    Same boat and about the same timeline. I guess it’s a sign that we’re getting older. The way I see it, if you don’t get hurt once in a while, you’re not pushing hard enough :-)

    Good luck to you!

  2. normofthenorthon 09 Jun 2014 at 8:31 am 2

    And if you read some of the ER horror stories on this site, you may be happy you skipped it!

  3. jeffk58on 09 Jun 2014 at 9:51 am 3

    I live just down the Columbia River from you in Portland and am about one month ahead of you on the path to recovery. The first 2-3 weeks are the hardest. Once you get off the crutches, things improve quickly! I am sad to say that this injury will force me to miss my first windsurfing season in the Gorge since 1984….although I may go once in my Vacocast to keep the streak alive. Best wishes for a speedy revovery!

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