Foot Resized

It was two years ago, on my birthday that I started having problems with my achilles.  It’s been a long story since, and I realize that this experience has shaped me immensely.  My bruise-scar still makes grown men wince, children question how I hurt myself, and others use my story to justify their inactivity.  It’s a tough injury and life resumes its course soon enough.  I am now training for the Honolulu Marathon after a two-year absence, have SUPped  (Stand Up Paddleboarding), and have climbed many castles in Germany, where I encountered a few VACO-casted tourists who simply nodded when asked, “Achilles?”  It needed no translation.

This injury has bettered me — from being more sensitive and aware of others’ disabilities, to respecting health and the human body’s ability to heal.  In addition, this injury has introduced me to a larger community bonded by our broken tendons.  Our storylines are similar, but I never tire of reading your words.  To help you share further, I’d like to offer one way of posting your photos in your blogs.  This skill and blogging would not have come about for me if it weren’t for my injury and for Dennis giving us this forum.

Happy journeys, all, and I hope to be “seeing” more of you . . .

Booklady’s Steps:

1. Choose your photo from your camera or computer

2.  Google “resize pictures” to use one of the many free online resizing services that will compress your photos to a file size that’s manageable for the web.  (Found this out the hard way after Wordpress kept rejecting my huge files).  I use because it’s easy and takes about 3 minutes.  On it, put your photo on their site using your BROWSE button.  I click QUICK RESIZE and select my new size to 75% SMALLER.  You may do SPECIAL EFFECTS like FRAMING.  After your photo is resized, save it on to your desktop and rename it with a RESIZED ending (i.e. FootResized)

2.  Login, go to DASHBOARD, POSTS and ADD NEW POST

3.  Enter your heading, write your content

4.  When done, put your cursor at the beginning of your entry.  Hit RETURN key to insert a line space.  Place cursor at the very top of the box (or wherever you want to place your photo within your content)

5.  Click Add Media ICON (looks like a sun) above the format boxes

6.  An ADD MEDIA screen will appear.  Under the FROM COMPUTER tab, click SELECT FILES and locate the resized photo on your desktop using your BROWSE button.

7.  Your photo will appear and you may caption it.

8.  Scroll down further and ALIGN your photo placement (center, left, right), set your SIZE


10.  Go ahead, you can do this!